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You can call us at: 858/695-9291 Or 858/382-0854

You can fax it to us at: 858/695-9202

You can e-mail us directly at: orders@rndhealthcare.com.

R&D Healthcare is dedicated to selling, delivering vital medicines and medical supplies that enable the health care industry to provide patients better, safer care.

R&D Healthcare is made up of many businesses, all serving the health care industry. Our businesses fall into one of two primary categories:

Pharmaceutical Sales. In Novembre 2012, the company started its pharmaceutical division. We develop and in license products in specific niche markets. In the US we distribute through our wholesale division and use our extensive partners and distributors networks outside the US.

Distribution Solutions. We are a fast growing pharmaceutical distributor in North America, distributing specialty medicine with a flawless record with all 50 State Boards of Pharmacy

Cosmetics: The Company developed a proprietary scientifically based natural luxury line of cosmetics called Eslor which currently sells in the US and Mexico and is in the process of expanding distribution to Europe and other parts of the world

The Company also expects to develop and/or acquire and then bring to market additional pharmaceutical products in areas of care that will benefit patient needs worldwide.

Home  |  About Us  |  Businesses  |  Industry Links  |  Email Us  |  Contact Us